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Язык: русский

Pay a day expenses for a mother from Ukraine in the social integration and day activities space in Vilnius!


Your funds will be used for a space of social integration and day activities for Ukrainian mothers with children (up to 3 years old) and pregnant women who have escaped war and repressions which organized by The Center of Communion and Social Innovation together with partners Save the Children Lithuania and a social restaurant Pirmas Blynas.

Women are expecting in the church building of the Virgin Mary of Consolation. (Savičiaus st. 15, Vilnius).

In the programme: Lithuanian language lessons, various art therapy activities, leisure and cultural activities, physical movement and breathing exercises, consultations with pediatricians and pregnancy specialists, group and personal motivational meetings with psychologists and self-help groups.

All-day classes will be held 2-3 times a week. Participants and their children will be served lunch at the social restaurant "Pirmas blynas".


Your donation will cover the cost of a one-day visit to a space of social integration and day activities for Ukrainian mothers.

Thank you for your kindness.



For those wishing to contribute more financially to this initiative:

The Center of Communion and Social Innovation

A. s .: LT287300010160375957 Swedbank, AB

The order shall specify: Support for the integration of war refugees


Registration of those wishing to contribute to voluntary activities

Contact person: Lina Blažytė email: lina.blazyte@vrm.lt, +370 609 97911

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