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Fashion Infection & Injection 2020

‚Fashion Infection‘ 2020 > new date @ the new place!

‚Fashion Infection‘ is alive no matter what – a new date @ a new place is set! Save the date fashonistas – October 16, 17_2020. A special fashion train journey awaits: direction – Naujoji Vilnia, last stop – ‚Smoke Factory‘.      

The prime Lithuanian fashion event will take place in a former scythe factory. Due to this number of seats is strictly limited.    

While purchasing an event ticket you also get a train (back and forth) ticket. One can go to the event on his own but the ticket price stays the same.    

Everyone who purchased a ticket in spring are eligible to change the ticket to the new dates or redeem the money till September 15. Please contact us via email: info@madosinfekcija.lt   

October 18 2020 is dedicated to international fashion talent competition INJECTION finals. 


Fashion Infection > October 16, 17_2020

A train will leave from Vilnius Railway Station to the event place @18:10. All passengers are kindly asked to come to the platform no later than @18:00. Train will leave on time without delays.    

Event place: Dūmų str. 5, Naujoji Vilnia

Event starts @19:00 / door opens @18:30

A train will leave from Naujoji Vilnia to Vilnius Railway Station after the event.  


Friday,  2020 10 16 
> Akvilė Jančauskaitė & Max Play.
> Dastish Fantastish / Ukraine
> Diana Paukštytė

> Lina Gudanavičiūtė
> Tommazo / Cyprus
> Kristel Kuslapuu / Estonia

Saturday, 2020 10 17
> Morta Nakaitė
> Vaida Voraitė
> Lina Misėkaitė

> Laima Jurča & Marta Veinberga / Latvia
> Sandra Straukaitė
> Saimonas Tartenis


Fashion talent Competition ‚Injection‘ finals > October 18_2020

Event place: Dūmų str. 5, Naujoji Vilnia

Event starts @14:00 / door opens @13:30

Get your tickets for ‚Injection‘ here: https://tickets.paysera.com/lt/event/injekcija-2020


By purchasing a ticket, one agrees to the rules:

Age control: 16+ years.

Children are not allowed in the event.

Spectators might be asked to wear faces masks if state safety regulations change.   

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