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Meet..Play Golf...Do Business

You may have heard the popular notion about how more business gets done on the golf course than in the boardroom. Whether or not that’s true is a matter of debate, but what is undeniable however is the long-standing synergy that exists between business and golf.

Date:July 7th
Location :Jurmala Golf and Hotel
Golf str.1 Pinki

Program of the event:

10 min- Arrival
10 min - Brief introduction, warm-up, safety rules.
30 min - Theoretical and practical training of golf technique for short shots.
+ Mini tournament "closest to the hole".
40 min Theoretical and practical training of golf technique for long-distance
+ Mini tournament- “longest shot ”
Dinner and Networking

Pre-payment is mandatory via this link:


Why Attend?

Expose yourself to the most current, up-to date information about the challenges in different industries and gain valuable insights to help stand out from the competition and push the industry forward

Widen the quality of your professional network with business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, C level executives decision-makers throughout different industries

What to expect?

A fun golf experience led by golf experienced coaches in an entertaining environment
Information about the world of golf – history, game, etiquette
An introduction to golf basics and the Ozo Golf Course demonstrations and instructions on the fundamentals of golf.

A tournament in a relaxed atmosphere, with guaranteed fun for every participant

You will meet business leaders from different industries across a range of small to large businesses. This diversity is key to furnishing advisory boards of members from non-competing industries, and providing you with relevant expertise, regardless of your industry or company size.
You will be able to connect with business leaders over easygoing conversation

PRICE: 60 EUR/person includes:

Included in price:
• Use of practice facilities
• Coaching services
• Theoretical and practical training of golf basics
• Unlimited number of balls on the driving range
• All necessary equipment (golf clubs,balls, etc.)
.Dinner and Networking
.Evening fun program

Pre-payment is mandatory via this link:

We are GBO!

We host local business get togethers around the world at great venues for entrepreneurs, owners, founders, owners, top level executives and investors.Complemented with online gatherings and exclusive services, GBO is the place to go for trustworthy and long-term relationships in a fun, easy-going, warm and friendly atmosphere. Meet like-minded people in your city. Connect with members from all over the world. Participate in global discussion boards. Message members in the app. Search profiles by industry and location. Request advice and share knowledge.

We look forward to welcoming you

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