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Язык: русский

Social Experiment: SINGLES' NIGHT 20+


Join us for our social for single hearts and meet your new friend or a crush! ⚡️

This is an event that lets you meet a bunch of single guys & girls in a relaxed and fun environment. Our main goal is for you all to have fun! No stress, no commitments, just a possibility of some cheeky moments without pressure. 🌚

You’ll play a simple game during which you’ll meet everyone of the opposite sex. It’s all going quick, so worry not, you won’t be stuck with just one person. Both coming alone (everyone feels a bit uncomfortable the first time) or with a group of friends (if that makes you feel better) is fine. 🤠

Maximum 12 guys & 12 girls can attend this event!

AGE: anyone can attend, however, we target it at people of 20-27 yo.

LANGUAGE: if there’s a non-Lithuanian speaker, we host the event in English. You may talk to each other in any language you want!

DRESS CODE: whatever you feel best in, yet take your chance to shine! ✨


PRICE: €20 (includes 1 drink).

- €5 student discount code: STUDENTO.

- Every 5th event you get a FREE ENTRY, should contact us via FB, email or Instagram and show proof.

- 5% of our income go to Ukraine + other initiatives.


Doors open: 7:00PM

Game starts: 7:30PM

Official part ends: 10:00 PM


Thank you & see you at our event for single people! ❤️‍🔥

Emilija & Gabriele

@emilijasim & @socialexperiment.event

💌: socialexperiment.event@gmail.com

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