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Festival MĖNUO JUODARAGIS XXIV – the Final edition!

The 24th edition of independent festival of alter-native music and contemporary Baltic culture invites You to the great Summer celebration from 22 to 25 August 2024 on the fabulous wild island of Lake Dūburys, Zarasai district, North-eatern Lituania.

One of the oldest and most unique summer events in the Baltic States will complete its cycle in 2024 and will be held for the 24th and final time. Surrounded by beautiful nature, music will be played on several stages of the festival, with exceptional performances by Lituanian and foreign bands during four days and nights. Recalling the long history of "Mėnuo Juodaragis" the music program would be very special and varied - from raging rock to post-folk, from metal to shamanic journeys, from deep acoustic calm to experimental cosmic electronica. 

"Mėnuo Juodaragis" is filled with a living heathen spirit, conveying the deep roots of traditions and mythology in the modern time of life and creativity, in the projection of future. The festival's rich, multifaceted and unique programme brings together many tribes and subcultures.

In the MJR XXIV program: • Yard of old and new crafts • Informative lectures, educations, hikes • Film presentations • Baltic heritage, rites and spells • Sports tournaments • Workshops • Art projects and exhibitions • Program for children and the whole family • And many other things. Everybody, both young and old will find their own activities and unique experiences here.

Dūburys Island is the second largest island in Lituania. In its woodlands and meadows one would find a camping, parking lots, refreshing baths, and many outdoor cafes and bars that delight you with delicious refreshements.


Let’s meet in this magical reality once again! The final celebration to be remembered for long!

MJR festival website.

Terms and conditions of MJR tickets use.


------------- MJR 2024 IMPORTANT ------------

MJR XXIV electronic tickets are valid for all Festival time.

MJR XXIV Family ticket (with preteen children) to be used by one family – two (or one) adults who come together with child(ren) up to 12 years of age.

Children under 9 years old are free of charge. 

Tickets for children and young people under 17 years old and other discounted tickets are sold at the entrance of the event. 
All ticket prices and applicable discounts can be found on the festival website.
The ticket price includes the event program, infrastructure costs and administration fees. 


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