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Social Experiment: Singles' Night 25+


Join us for our social for single hearts and meet your new friend or a crush! ⚡️

This is an event that lets you meet a bunch of single men & women in a relaxed and fun environment. Our main goal is for you all to have fun! No stress, no commitments, just a possibility of some cheeky moments without pressure. 🌚

You’ll play a game during which you’ll meet everyone of the opposite sex. It’s all going quick, so worry not, you won’t be stuck with just one person. Both coming alone (everyone feels a bit uncomfortable the first time) or with a group of friends (if that makes you feel better) is fine. 🤠

Maximum 12 guys & 12 girls can attend this event!

AGE: anyone can attend, however, we target it at people of 25-34 yo.

LANGUAGE: if there’s a non-Lithuanian speaker, we host the event in English. You may talk to each other in any language you want!

DRESS CODE: whatever you feel best in, yet take your chance to shine! ✨


PRICE: €20 (includes 1 drink).

- STUDENTS get 5€ discount.

- Every 5th event you get a FREE ENTRY, should contact us via FB, email or Instagram and show proof.

- 5% of our income go to Ukraine + other initiatives.


Doors open: 7:30PM

Game starts: 8PM

Official part ends: 10:30 PM


Thank you & see you at our event for single people! ❤️‍🔥

Emilija & Gabriele

@emilijasim & @socialexperiment.event

💌: socialexperiment.event@gmail.com

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