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Midsummer Day (Joninės) in Kernavė

ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE: Celebrate Midsummer Day festival (Joninės in Lithuanian) in Kernavė – the capital of all traditional Midsummer Day festivals.

Accompanied by our local guides from Baltic Gently group, you will get an opportunity to participate in all Midsummer Day activities as well as the main feast, set out on the hills towering over Neris River.

You will get a chance to celebrate the Summer Solstice festival just like our ancestors did centuries ago. You will join others and take part in crafting flower garlands (a head decoration that is a must-have on this night of the year!) with freshly plucked flowers from the nearby hills, share food and beverages as well as sing and dance around the bonfire until the dawn.

Most importantly, our guides will help you to discover and understand the enchanting meanings of all the rites as well as experience the magic of celebrating the shortest night of the year with a group of like-minded people!

Additionally, the traditional goods fair remains open all day long, presenting you with an opportunity to experience the charm of handmade goods and get a souvenir or two to remind you of this magical night for years to come!

EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: Local guide, transfer transport, introductory tour, traditional picnic and traditional activities (songs, dances, rites and flower wreath workshop)

AVAILABLE ON REQUEST: private transportation, accommodation, private tours and various extra services

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (till May 1st of 2024) (code: EarlyBird24). 

More information: https://balticgently.com/celebrate-midsummer-day-jonines-in-lithuania/

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