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Tantra Retreat

Tantra helps to go deeper to the higher dimension of love. It is the science of love about relationship and self understanding through sexual energy. Tantra is growing our ability to feel emotions and to reach spiritual ecstasy. It may help us to enrich quality of life, health, support with higher level of energy which improves creativity. Relationship with yourself and people around you is getting better, especially with your partner. During these practices we release old traumas, being not confident and not loving yourself. More, it can help you to release sexual addictions, jealousy, fear.

Most Tantra schools in the world teach pure Tantra, however Tantra was channeled 4000 years ago where the problems of these days like traumas, society conditioning and inner blockages didn't exist in the form as we have now in the civilized world. Therefore, this course is a mix between Tantra and what I call "pre-Tantra". Its many games and exercises that help us find and trigger processes inside of us that need to be liberated first in order to raise life force energy to higher dimensions. One can practice raising energy all day, but until we remove the blockages, we wont get further. Each class and the whole course is carefully designed to continuously bring us closer to our divine potential. We go from a taste of tantric energy over self love to the wide spectrum of the tantric wisdom. The polarities of the divine feminine and masculine as well as our wild soul and holy body. We will release old patterns and energies that doesn't serve us and fill our beings again with sacred wisdom and experiences about Kundalini, Prana and all the higher human potentials of sexuality and the effects on our life energy. It goes from the very introduction to a broad understanding of Tantra. For the beginner Level you can apply without a partner and hopefully we will get equal numbers of woman and men. 


16:00 doors
18:00 Opening Ritual
20:00 dinner 

  7:30 breakfast
  8:00 Taste of Tantra
12.00 break
14:00 lunch
16:00 Tantra practice “Connections”
20:00 break
20:30 dinner

  7:30 breakfast
  8:00 Tantra practice “Self Love”
12:00 break
14:00 lunch
16:00 Tantra practice “Masculine and Feminine Energy”
20.00 break
20:30 dinner

  7:30 breakfast
  8:00 Tantra practice “Awakening the senses”
12:00 break
14:00 lunch
16:00 Tantra Practice “Sacred Sexuality”, 
           Cacao Ceremony and closing Ritual
20:00 end


Danguolė Petrikaitė

Long Time ago I started to study Tantra by my self, intuitively and the books by Osho helped me a lot. Until I’ve met my Tantra teachers – Michal Kali Griks (Romania) and Lucas Jarosch (Poland, Columbia) and started to study Tantra practice as it should be. After that I’ve got so inspired and felt the mission to spread this art of Love to Lithuanian People. 

Lucas Jarosch

I would like to introduce myself and share a little bit my path to Tantra. I live in a Rainbow Community in South America most of the time.
(Check out the video)

I did my first Tantra course back in 2014. It was a Ten-Day intensive first level course, and it changed my life on so many levels. Philosophy, Life Energy, Sexuality, Interhuman connection. I learned that our sexuality has more potentials than just pleasure, reproduction and emotional bonding. I took this experience to the place I live now and there I started to share it very hesitantly with individuals. The outcomes where always so positive that more and more people came to me until it was even multiple at a time, so this is how one of my first group sessions started by them self. Again the results where super positive and everyone asked me for more, but I didn't knew anymore. So I went back to Europe and asked my original teacher if he can help to understand Tantra deeper. He allowed me to co-teach with him the same workshop I did with him before. Around 100 hours with around 200 Students all together. And I finished with him the advanced level as a Student, another 50 hours. And then he allowed me to teach the first level which gave me another 100 hours of experience as a facilitator. We thought groups with over 100 people simultaneously with amazing success. In one of them I met Danguole, where we had a very powerful experience together. She became so inspired that she did the same as when I started, she started to share whatever she could. Now I teach her as my first student to become a teacher herself. Im very excited to spread the conscious way of Tantra with her together and we preparing ourselves to give all of you the best experience with this sacred wisdom. 


Early Birds Tickets, registered and transfered 50 EUR deposit until the deadline 20 of July, one ticket for one person will cost 170 EUR for all course, two tickets for two persons together - 300 EUR. (The rest of the price you can pay, when you'll arrive to camp)

The price will increase.
The number of participants is limited.

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