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No matter what others say, 
no matter if our intellect can’t hear it now - 
in the bottom of our hearts, we know that we have the power to heal, we have the power to master ourselves till we become able to heal others.

With the first impulse to attend retreat, we start one more class at the school of our own lives - the class of inner peace, growth & healing.

In STOVYKLA we’ll meet on the path of friendship, yet each of us - for a personal journey.

Every day

✺ on sunrise avenue, with every step we’ll inhale the ‘here and now' moment - we’ll walk the path with no goal and no hurry. 
We’ll choose ourselves - in a name of healthy void to leave behind the thought that came in flying; or to embrace and go along with it. ‘coz after all, this sweetie turned up for a reason.

✺ on yoga practices we’ll move energies, release what is suppressed, strengthen the physical body - especially the deep muscles, we will once again sense the feeling of ‘there’s no mission impossible’ after overcoming impossibly long holding of a raised up hand.

✺ silence - like an elder wiser sister, will help us hear ourselves by turning off the external noise,

✺ on the evenings of wisdom, likely the answers will come even to those, who’ve been holding questions silenced to themselves.

In silence we are true.

Book the date - January 18 - 21,
Laumžirgių žemė, Lithuania

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FB event: STOVYKLA - Sergiy Polovenko Yoga and SIlence Retreat

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Retreat fee - 450 eur. 
Practices, sessions, accommodation. catering included.
On Paysera you can choose to pay full amount , or to split in two payments. Fees are not refundable.

If you've bought partly payment (225 eur) - the spot in retreat is reserved for you.
You'll need to pay second half till retreat date:
✺ ✺ buying second same ticket on Paysera
✺ ✺ either paying upon registration.

✺ ✺ ✺ If after buying a ticket you decide not to attend retreat, you can let your ticket to other, though Sergiy Polovenko Community should be informed of name change. 

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Infos of daily schedules, how to prepare, what to pack to bag, arrival instructions will be shared on event page.
Please do not hesitate to ask questions. We are here to support you on this beautiful journey. 

The event organiser takes responsibility for the quality of the event. The organiser will make a decision regarding the refund if the event does not take place or is postponed. For more detailed information on circumstances and refunds, please refer to the Event-Related Circumstances

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