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Yaga Gathering 2024

Who is Dr. Valorise Bravenstein? The answer is not so simple and greatly depends on whom you‘re asking. But most sources agree, Valorise Bravenstein is an enigma. The popular author was a future-thinking scientist, exploring the borders of human knowledge on fear. Yet her personal involvement in unorthodox fear-fighting methods brought a great deal of controversy, especially after her controversial disappearance in Lithuania. It is said that only retracing her steps and facing your fears can lead to her final hideout and the possibility of meeting one of the greatest minds of the generation. Still, we must warn you, the endeavour is bordering on urban myth and can be quite a risky experience. 

-- prof. Gabriel Daringham, preamble for the “Journal of Abnormal Psychology”, 2024 Q1 issue. 

Join us at Yaga Gathering, where the arts, adventures and mysteries of knowledge blend. Embark on a journey and discover Dr. Valorise Bravenstein's secrets.

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