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The COINS 2022

The COINS is an international life sciences conference, which has been organized by Vilnius University students since 2004. The conference annually attracts life science students, Nobel prize winners, other incredible scientists, and anyone interested in life sciences. During it, lectures are given by the most famous Lithuanian and world scientists and students have the opportunity to present their scientific works during the Poster Session and Oral Presentations.

This year The COINS is back with a hybrid conference: lectures, panel discussion and other presentations will be held virtually, however events for high school students will be available onsite!

Poster preparations and presentation will be just slightly different from what you are used to: you will have an opportunity to share your research with colleagues on the virtual conference platform. You will be participating in the best poster presentation competition and answering any questions raised by conference attendees.

 IMPORTANT! Please remember that after ticket purchase you must register for poster or oral presentations session following the link https://thecoins.eu/tickets to the registration form. You will be asked to enter your ticket ID number at the beginning of registration, this is the only way your registration will be confirmed, thus please do that carefully. Also, you will be asked to provide necessary information about yourself, your research and upload your presentation abstract.

The number of presentation slots is very limited, therefore after purchasing your ticket please finish the registration https://thecoins.eu/tickets as soon as possible. That way you will avoid any inconveniences. If registration is not finished until the February 14th (deadline), refund will not be available.

Please note that final registration confirmation email with additional information regarding presentations will reach you ONLY AFTER you complete registration process (by uploading your abstract at www.thecoins.eu/tickets).

If you have any questions related to posters or oral presentations, please write at presentations@thecoins.eu

For more official information, please visit www.thecoins.eu 

Also, feel free to check the conference’s Facebook page and Instagram account for future updates.

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