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Midsummer Day (Joninės) in Rumšiškės

ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE: Celebrate Midsummer Day festival (Joninės in Lithuanian) in Rumšiskes Open Air Museum.

Rumšiškės is an open air ethnographic museum, located only 20 kilometers from Kaunas. Celebrating the Midsummer Day festival here is guaranteed to be memorable: from authentic rituals, songs and dances to the exploration of a park that spans 2 square kilometers and is situated right next to the calming waters of Kaunas Lagoon.

Permeated with the authentic atmosphere, Rumšiškės offers an unique opportunity to experience how local countrymen celebrated the Summer Solstice in ages past.

Type: Cultural Heritage

To do list: Hiking trails within the museum territory, traditional architecture, exile yurt, amazing treats in Arbatinė

Distance: 80km from Vilnius, 20km from Kaunas

EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: Local guide, introductory tour, traditional picnic and traditional activities (songs, dances, rites and so on)

AVAILABLE ON REQUEST: Transportation, accommodation, private tours and various extra services

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (till May 1st of 2024) (code: EarlyBird24). 

More information: https://balticgently.com/celebrate-midsummer-day-jonines-in-lithuania/

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