Регион: Международно
Език: Български


Underground United asks:

- When you look in to the mirror - what do you see? Do you see a friend or an enemy? Good or Bad, Evil or Goodness, Mad or Wise, Angel or Evil?

The question of mirror, the question of mystery, the question for us all.

From better to heavier, from bright to dark, from easier to harder, with reverse of Techno we get the answers at MirroR. 


Line up:

Nebula (Lt)

Marco Tondera (Mobilat Club, ReadyForTechno) (De) 

Makornik (Wrongnotes, RAW) (Fr)

Draugr Live (Suara, Wrongnotes, Haven, RAW) (Fr)

Bludgeoned Harvesters (RAW) (Fr)

Seven Tension (Lt)

Ekkolection vs Morda (Lt)

MVH (Lt)


Tickets from 7e, at doors 20 eur

Face control, security keeps rights to take you out without any additional explanation.

Entry from 18yo/ bar from 20yo

Местоположение (за онлайн събития - URL)