Regionas: Lietuva
Kalba: Lietuvių

Agile Day Kaunas 2022


✨Agile Day Kaunas 2022 is an interactive event where experienced Agile practitioners gather to discuss best project management practices.

We truly believe that great skills come from continuous practice. Here at ✨ Agile Day Kaunas You will have the best platform to sharpen Your Agile mindset and to level up Your skill set.


🏙️This year the event will be held on site at Victoria hotel Kaunas (Miško g. 11, Kaunas).  

🥗Lunch is included!


⏰Event is divided into 2 tracks. 


At the core of our event You’ll find 🤹 OPEN SPACE - where the magic happens!

Open space consists of interactive sessions where everyone is included in constructing topics and addressing issues that are most important to them. We will provide an opportunity for anyone with a topic in mind to create a session. No need for proposals, just show up, put a title and a timespan and wait for the like-minded to join.

This part of the event is highly dynamic, and topics emerge from the event itself.



We selected three well prepared workshops:

🎯Setting goals for delivery and motivation by Mikhail Sorokin

Dynamic re-teaming – agility beyond product development by Agnė Kelminskienė

💎360 Why's by Markus Wissekal



The event is tailored for seasoned Agile practitioners. At least three years of experience working in an Agile setup is recommended.

🎈Let’s meet! 🐝Let’s share! 🦋 Let’s learn! 

For more details:

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