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IMMERSIONS: Introduction to the World of Modular Systems with Michał Wolski

Join us for the second FREE workshop event of the IMMERSIONS project open to the public.

Introduction to the World of Modular Systems with Michał Wolski

How to find your way in the complex world of modular synthesizers? How to combine the various elements of a modular system in order to bring to life a musical substance full of movement and unpredictability? We will look for answers to these questions during a meeting aimed at explaining and structuring the rules governing this wild world of mysterious machines and ideas. During the workshop we will learn the basic concepts that will lead us to complex and abstract results.

The workshop will last through 60 minutes of a live-streamed presentation run by the artist from Vilnius to three other cities across Europe. A Q&A session will enable altogether 60 participants gathered for the workshop in their local venues in Porto, Oslo, Białystok, and Vilnius to interact with the artist. It will also give them a chance to experience the networked music community bridged across the continent, while remaining in their local environment.


The IMMERSIONS project is a collaborative effort funded by the European Union, aimed at promoting European electronic music in cultural peripheries. By organising hybrid music events and electronic music education activities, the project seeks to connect venues across diverse European locations, fostering inclusion, professional growth, and cultural enrichment.

About Michał Wolski

Michał Wolski focuses on deep, richly detailed and unafraid experimentation of electronic music, with a particular emphasis on techno and ambient. His work is being associated with world-renowned record labels.

The artist creates both solo and in cooperative projects. In his artistic activity he applies techniques based on deep experiments with sound matter, including work with modular systems. Wolski represents one of the main figures of the techno music scene in Poland.

His work fuels the catalogues of such labels as Nonplus Rec., Eerie Rec., Semantica Rec., Southern Lights Rec., Monday Off Rec., International Day Off Rec., Mnestic Rec., Technosoul, Recognition Rec., Kynant Rec., Qeone Rec., BAHN Rec, Oslated Rec., Inpureform Rec., Blank Slate Rec., Lost In Ether Rec., Silent Season Rec. etc.

He has presented his music through performances at festivals in Poland (including Unsound, Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Up To Date Festival, Warsaw Music Week, Audioriver, Warsaw Electronic Festival, Soundrive, Instytut Festival etc.), as well as in China, Spain, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal, the United States, Ukraine, Hungary etc. and at countless cultural events in music clubs and cultural institutions. His performances have also been streamed many times online, in the form of DJ sets and live acts.

Journalist and publisher. Since 2010, Wolski has also been continuously involved with radio. Author of a radio program dedicated to electronic music – „Synteza FM” broadcasted on Radio Kampus. Co-founder of duets: Moonlight Resort & Spa (together with Cafe de la Jungle), Mech (together with Mateusz Wysocki), and with Grzegorz Bojanek. All these projects focus on deep explorations at the crossroads of techno and ambient music.

Michał Wolski also works as an audio mastering specialist and as a music production teacher.





ORGANISERS: FOMO (Białystok, Poland), Monument (Oslo, Norway), Gare (Porto, Portugal), Kablys (Vilnius, Lithuania)


Take notice that the event may be filmed or photographed and the photos with your image may be uploaded onto IMMERSIONS & Partners’ social or other types of media.


Funded by the European Union.

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